About us

About Us

Our funder is very keen to drink eight glasses of water a day, He thinks drinking plenty of water every day means a lot to our health. However, bottled water is too expensive, and the unfiltered water contains many impurities that are very bad for us. He found that a refrigerator water filter is a convenient, less expensive alternative to bottled water.

a fridge filter reduces impurities from the water and ice that dispenses from the refrigerator.

But the genuine water filter is too expensive and very consumable. Our founder has a very big family and dink lots of water every day. He needs to buy the water filter replacement every three months. And it's really a lot.

Our founder thinks he can produce water filter as he is very knowledgeable about water filter technology. Therefore, after in-depth technical research, our founder sets up the WFS filter water manufacturer, aiming at providing a very affordable refrigerator water filter for the majority of consumers. Making water clean and safe for everyone has been motivating our team along the way.

Actually, We met a lot of setbacks at the very first, but we continue to do research and be innovative to provide the best quality of refrigerator water filter. We really cherish every water filtered by WFS water filter. That's because we put our heart into it.

After years of hard work, Our technology has improved tremendously. What we most proud of is that many customers are very satisfied with our product. And WFS refrigerator water filters are their Household necessities.

Why Choose WFS?


We keep researching the water filter system and apply the latest technology to our products.


We will be responsible for every customer so that they can drink truly safe water. If you have any concerns or are not satisfied with our products, please communicate with us in time, and we will spare no effort to help you. We deeply understand that water is the source of life and it is our social responsibility to provide people with healthy water resources.

We are continually striving for improvement and efficiency so that we always provide you with the highest level of customer service.


As we mentioned before that what makes us proud of is customers' satisfaction. Keep working on new technologies and applications to production. Let all Americans drink health and pure water is WFS's mission.

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