What happens if a whirlpool refrigerator water filter replacement isn't changed?

June 17, 2020

What happens if a whirlpool refrigerator water filter replacement isn't changed?

Most homeowners search for refrigerators with water filtering features to improve overall flavor and scent. For various reasons, water supply to a house can include chlorine, lead, and an abundance of other elements and minerals that can make a regular glass of not so refreshing ice-cold water. It's obvious that filter change affects water quality, but there are two other aspects of functional refrigerator performance that are affected as well. In addition, many refrigerators have systems that give you confirmation that the filter needs to change.

Water dispenser

Side-by-side often features water dispensers outside the door. During installation, a technician connects the refrigerator to a water fountain of the key that is built on the back wall of the kitchen. Water pressure on the supply line is partly responsible for pushing water through the dispenser. However, before water is released from the dispenser, it passes through the filter. If the filter is old and clogged, the water flow slows down and time stops. Some models feature a refrigerator derivative mode of filter that dispenses water from an untreated tap, but this should only be used temporarily.

 WFS Refrigerator Water Dipenser

Ice Dispenser 

The ice machine in a refrigerator also depends on a constant flow of water. Most refrigerators automatically throw in a new running water supply that re-fills the ice factory when buckets are running out. Before the water reaches the manufacturer for freezing, it passes through the filter. An obstructed filter may result in smaller than normal ice cubes or not ice production at all. Another consideration is whether your ice machine produces both chopped ice and buckets. Chopped ice is smaller than ice in buckets. Make sure the ice dispenser adjustments are not in chopped ice, so no lower ice cube production should be confused with a filter that is not obstructed.

The overall quality of water

An age filter eventually becomes ineffective in improving water quality from the fridge. People should drink plenty of water during the day for optimal health; some experts suggest eight glasses a day. However, if the water is tasteless or has a bad smell, it may drink less than it should. Public drinking water is processed in treatment plants before being channeled to homes. These facilities make water safe to drink from the killing and removal of bacteria, germs, and water supply virus. Fridge filters improve water quality, but they don't kill germs.

Replacement considerations and indicators

Households must replace filters after a year to prevent reduced water flow from obstructing. To maintain the best water quality, some refrigerator manufacturers recommend replacing the filter every six months. Because it may be difficult to track the expiration date of a filter, many manufacturers include filter indicator lights that alert owners when the time to replace filter cartridge. Check the refrigerator manual for filter replacement instructions; some manufacturers recommend using only specific brands.

Water flow test

You can also perform a basic water flow test, however insightful if the refrigerator does not include filter indicator features. For example, if you own a GE refrigerator, the company recommends that you dispense with water in a large measuring cup or container for 20 seconds. Then determine the volume of water-based on measuring marks on the side of the vessel. If it's under 13,5 oz continuation, the filter is likely obstructed, causing the flow of poor water. Check the owner's manual for brand-specific instructions.

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