How to Replace LG LT700p Refrigerator Water Filter

May 21, 2021

How to Replace LG LT700p Refrigerator Water Filter


Take out the old LG LT700p Refrigerator Water Filter by pressing the push button on the filter housing and pulling it downward. Gently pull it towards you until it releases and pops out. 

Before using, please kindly check if the rubber ring on the filter cartridge is intact and tight to avoid water leakage. Install the new filter by aligning the tabs on the side of the water filter with the housing and pushing in.

When popped in, push the filter all the way up. Close the filter leg by lifting it up until you hear a click.

How to change LG Water Filter LT700P


Reset the filter indicator light on your fridge.

How to reset LG water filter lt700p

If you're not sure how to do this, please refer to the manufacturers instruction manual. Dispense water looking for a good flow rate. it's recommended to flush the new filter a few minutes to remove any trapped air or contaminants from the

Now you know how to replace LG LT700p refrigerator water filter. Is it time for you to change your LT700p water filter? 

If yes, please the link here to order.

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